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Next 2 Shows

Deep South Fancy Guppy Associates

August 8th & August 9th, 2015


Clarion Inn
2227 Old Fort Parkway
Murfreesboro, TN 37129

New England Fancy Guppy Show, IFGA Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet

Oct 2nd & 3rd & 4th, 2015


The Ramada Inn Seekonk
213 Taunton Avenue
Seekonk, MA, 02771












Opening Remarks – Bob Lewis
Outline of Meeting Procedures
Member Club Roll Call – Charlie Pratt
Roll Call – Must Give Your Name & Position in Your Club.
If your club has not paid their dues and sent in their roster by September 2, 2015, the club will be classified
as not in good standing and will not be called on roll call.
Review and Acceptance of 2014 Meeting Minutes.
Vice Presidents Report-Tom Allen
Treasurers Report – Ramiro Carbonell
Secretaries Report – Charlie Pratt
Publicity Report – Jim Gourlie
Membership Report – Bill Carwile
IFGA Correspondence Report – Bob Lewis
Judging Board Report – Jim Alderson
IFGA Web Report – Raj Seshagiri
Parliamentarian and Rules Report – ET Mellor
Publications Report – Jim Alderson
Awards Report – Cathy Mertz
Show Rotation – ET Mellor
Nomination Committee Report– Michael Raimondi
Old Business/Unfinished Business from 2014 Annual Meeting
Finalize 2015 Calendar Show Schedule
New Business
New Officers Assume Positions
Admission of New Club or Clubs
Clubs to be Reinstated?
Treasurers Report Audit
Motion to Add to the Constitution for the Executive Committee to Suspend, Revoke or Deny Membership
Motion to Change the Wording in the By Laws Article 2.4.1 to Comply with the Judging Book and Show
Rotation Rules.
Motion to Change the Wording in the By Laws Article 2.5.1 from 90 to 120 to Comply with the Current Duration
in Use.
Motions from the Floor as Time Allows

We are totally dedicated to improving the Fancy Show Guppy towards the current International Fancy Guppy Association standards and promoting those standards worldwide.

Founded in 1965, the International Fancy Guppy Association�s mission is to promote the enjoyment and the techniques of breeding fancy guppies to the IFGA's show standards.,  

This is accomplished by: 

  • Providing information on the breeding and raising of quality guppies to the IFGA show standards through the IFGA website and bringing together other hobbyist of like minds.
  • Annual meeting to bring together affiliated clubs and members together to manage and plan the future of the IFGA organization.
  • Affiliated clubs sponsor competitive shows throughout the United States with over 70 different color classes.
  • Providing assistance, managerial and technical support to individuals or groups in developing new clubs supporting the IFGA standards.
  • Providing judging seminars and training to members to qualify as a IFGA judge and maintain the qualified judges� ability to use the IFGA show standards.






All pictures on this site have been donated for IFGA use only and are under copyright protection,

 not for use or copy without express written permission.

 Thanks to Jay Crane, Luke Roebuck and Stan Shubel for their photo donations. 

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