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The International Fancy Guppy Association, in an ongoing effort to enhance the hobby of breeding and showing Fancy Guppies, established this Guppy Store Page of recognized breeders currently exhibiting in the IFGA show circuit.

**Disclaimer: All exchanges are strictly between the buyer and seller, the IFGA and this web page assumes no responsibility for any transaction, resulting from information appearing in this Guppy Store Page. We suggest you do your home work and BE A SMART CONSUMER.... find out about the breeder and his past and or current performances in showing guppies.   Ask questions .....are the fish true breeding.... or are they hybrids.... is this the line of guppies that the breeder is currently showing.... are the guppies available now.... etc...  

Advertisers Listed Alphabetically......................................

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Would you like to advertise here and in the IFGA monthly bulletin? You will be able to send a picture of your self and your fish room and have it put right here on our web! In addition you can write your own ad, send six pictures of your fish for the web and tell everyone about yourself and your fish room. The only rule is you may only list fish that conform to current IFGA standards. For $50.00 this is a steal! Advertise here on the Internet and in our monthly bulletin now.

To place an ad or renew an ad click "Payment Page" below and you will be taken to the page where payment buttons are provided.

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