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This archive section is intended to be a specific benefit for IFGA members only and is provided in a read only format. Countless hours have been expended to provide this information electronically for our members. Many of our old printed documents have been digitized and placed here including the five books of the Guppy Extracts, the Guppy Roundtables and a number of years of The Bulletin. Additional years of printed copies of The Bulletin have been promised to be provided which will be converted to an electronic format and placed on the website as they are received. Special recognition and thanks to Gary Carr for his tireless work here on the Extracts and to Tom Allen for providing Bulletins and Roundtables. Also, thanks to Stephen Kwartler and Frank Andrews for providing their copies of the Guppy Extracts Books. Each year of Bulletins contains between 250 and 350 pages and a number of the articles are duplicated in the different publications.

This is but a fraction of the IFGA Library, but you will have to join the IFGA to take advantage of the rest of our collection.


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