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Guppy Associates International Chicago (GAIC), a charter member of the IFGA, carries a rich tradition in the hobby going all the way back to the formation of the IFGA.  The club was established expressly to promote the guppy through selective breeding techniques and encourages its members to exhibit at IFGA-sanctioned shows.  While the Chicago suburban area is the �club hub,� current members live in Indiana, Iowa and Wisconsin and bring various experience levels to the club from complete novice to master breeder.  If you wish further information about GAIC, you can direct your e-mail request to

Gateway Guppy Associates Logo The Gateway Guppy Club (GGA) was formed over thirty years ago and we still have the same purpose. We try to better all color lines and provide information. We currently have members from throughout the Midwest.

Deep South Fancy Guppy Associates

Deep South Fancy Guppy Associates (DSFGA) is an IFGA sanctioned club for the breeding, raising, and competitively showing of Fancy Show Guppies. members include states of Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Mississippi. Meetings are held in various cities to accommodate all members.

East Coast Guppy Association (ECGA) The East Coast Guppy Association meets on the second Tuesday of every month except July and August at the Alley Pond Environmental Center in Douglaston, NY. We are centrally located in the NY City/ Long Island area. If you are interested in Fancy Guppies, stop in and enjoy an evening with other like-minded hobbyists. Monthly activities include bowl show, raffles, auction, refreshments, guppy talk and the occasional speaker.

Chesapeake Guppy Club (CGC) If you live in the Maryland, Virginia or Southern Pennsylvania areas, and you want to raise show guppies, then you should belong to the Chesapeake Guppy Club. This diverse group of members, from the novice to the master, meets every other month.  At least one IFGA Judge attends each meeting and is always available to answer any of your breeding and raising questions.

Guppy Associates of Greater Cleveland  (GAGC) This club has residents from all around the Northeast Ohio area and Cleveland. GAGC is designed to educate and discuss different aspects of the show guppy in the fish hobby. There is a speaker or a different topic on the guppy every month at our meetings.  Meetings are held the 4th Wednesday of every month.

Michigan Guppy Breeders Logo

The Michigan Guppy Breeders  (MGB) is a group of people dedicated to raising and showing Fancy Guppies.  We have members with all different levels of experience in this great hobby, and anyone is welcome to join. Our site has a great forum!

New England Fancy Guppy Association Logo

The New England Fancy Guppy Association (NEFGA) is made up of guppy breeders from all over New England. We have members in Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Our meetings are held once a month at different members houses so we get a chance to see our members fish rooms, and their fish.

Pan Pacific Guppy Association Logo

The Pan Pacific Guppy Association (PPGA) serves members throughout Southern California. The goal of the club is to support members who have a common interest in the breeding, raising, and showing of quality Fancy Guppies. We have monthly meetings and discuss varying topics of interest to guppy enthusiasts. We have planned videos, fish room tours, help with raising, breeding and maintaining strains, and assistance with fishroom construction and obtaining discounted supplies.

Rocky Mountain Guppy Associates Logo

The Rocky Mountain Guppy Associates (RMGA) is one of the newer clubs in the IFGA. We are based in Salt Lake City, Utah but have guppy enthusiasts all over the inter-mountain west and west coast involved in our organization. Currently, we are in the process of updating our internet website and hosting on-line meetings to overcome geographic distances of our members. We have members ranging in skill from novice to the more advanced guppy breeder and have several assistant IFGA certified judges on our rolls. We are open to all who want to join and encourage active dialogue to add to the richness of our hobby.

South Jersey Guppy Group Logo

South Jersey Guppy Group (SJGG) is the oldest and largest Guppy Club on the east coast. Starting around 1970 we have a wealth of knowledge about show guppies and all aspects of raising them. Helping beginners is our specialty. Please come to one of our meetings listed on the website and bring lots of questions. We now meet in central New Jersey and have over forty members from New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.


San Fernando Valley Guppy Club One of the oldest clubs in the IFGA Associations of clubs dedicated to enhancing the hobby of breeding and showing Fancy guppies throughout the world. The San Fernando Club is the home of the yellow Guppy. Our members enjoy the hobby of breeding and showing fancy guppies, using basic genetics our members create new lines of guppies purely for their enjoyment. We are dedicated to helping the serious hobbyist or beginners to attain their goals in breeding superior fancy guppies. Join the SFVGC and get a free trio of guppies of your choice. Contact:  Mike Khalid 818 787 6415 wk. 818  892-2456 Hm.   e-mail sfvgc@yahoo .com

Brazil Fancy Guppy Association (in portuguese language; Confedera��o dos Criadores de Guppy do Brasil - CCG) is made up of Guppy breeders from all over Brazil and was formed in 1997. CCG is the only IFGA sanctioned Guppy Association from outside the US. The goal of the association is to support members who have a common interest in the breeding, raising, and showing Fancy Show Guppies by IFGA rules & standards.

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