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Inside this section you will find our show schedule and show results. Check out the exciting 2016 show schedule for an IFGA Sanctioned show in your area. As shows are held we post the results (winners) here usually within 5 - 6 days of the show.  Keep tabs as the 2016 show rotation comes together.  It is all here for you to browse. Note to show chairpersons:

Send your show results as soon as you are able to


Additionally we post IFGA points leaders, one through four, in each color class that is sponsored by the IFGA. This is a reflection of  who is showing what colors and winning on a regular basis.


     Each year the IFGA recognizes color class winners (Champions) in each of the currently approved color classes. Winners are determined by points accumulated during the show year at each and every show. This award is presented at the IFGA annual show and banquet held in late fall. Since these winners are announced and plaques awarded at this show the points actually earned at the "Annual" show go towards the next years show. In other words points for the November 2015 show are the very first points accumulated for the 2016 awards. The  points each year are on a November to October fiscal year.




On Oct 30, 2004 the IFGA passed a rule that all exhibitors may decide if they want award plagues and/or award cards when entering a show by marking their show form as such. The new forms are attached below in both Adobe Acrobat (PDF file) and Microsoft Excel. Remember, you must send two copies of your show form along with your entries.


     Don't have an Adobe reader? Click here and you can get one for free!


Right Click on the link a below and chose "Save Target As" from the menu that comes up.

Show Entry Form in Microsoft Excel

Show Entry Form in Adobe Adobe Acrobat (PDF file)
Show Entry Form in Adobe Acrobat (Editable)

Approved Show Class List (In Word)





A very special thank you from the IFGA to Bryan Chin for his hard work and dedication to the hobby in making these show automation files possible.


Below you will find files that can be used to automate your show entries, auction selection and show results. An explanation of how to use the show entry form is on tab one of the file named ifga show registration.xls. It is suggested you be pretty proficient in Microsoft Excel to use this program. It has been used in over 10 shows and proved to be accurate and time saving.

New 2009 Edition Show Entry Program (Excel)

Judging Cards in Microsoft Word

Bowl Stickers in Microsoft Word (takes Avery label 05422)

1st thru 4th Place Stickers in Microsoft Word (takes Avery label 05472) 

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